BELL | IMAGES                     fine art photography by Jan Bell
Since early childhood I have been inspired by the natural world. Growing up on a farm in the flatlands of northwestern Ohio instilled an appreciation for the land. This innate passion has continued into my adult life and translates as the work you see today.

Whether it's a plant, a landscape, or a manmade structure, each of my photos represents an opportunity to consider the subject -- almost apart from the meaning or function of that subject -- in terms of the beauty of its form. Whether it be the inner folds of a plant, a secluded canyon, or a sand-swept dune, I focus on an intimate view, narrowing the scope and allowing the eye to see only elements of my subjects.

I attribute my clean sense of design to a 30-year career as a graphic designer.
Seeing the world through the eyes of a designer influences one's aesthetic, particularly one's compositions. What I reveal in my work is the world that surrounds us, but is often overlooked in the course of our hurried lives.

I am an avid adventurer, and trek throughout the U.S. in search of subjects. It is this time in the wilderness that provides the opportunity to connect with the land and compose my images. While a majority of the images derive from these remote areas, others are photographed in busy urban settings. Both provide the makings of an image that have a remarkably similar feel.

My work draws on traditional photography methodology, blended with current digital standards, to achieve prints that rival silver gelatin prints. Images are processed in Photoshop and printed using archival pigment technology on museum grade
fine art paper.

Click to watch a video of my work, my experiences in the wilderness, and influences
that have shaped my work: Video Link