BELL | IMAGES                     fine art photography by Jan Bell
Whether you’re a beginning photographer looking for basic skills to get you started, or a serious professional looking to take your images to the next level, the training that I offer will move you closer to your goals. Topics include any combination of the following: composition, shooting, Adobe Photoshop instruction, printing techniques, and discussions of photo gear. Since the sessions are designed for you, the instruction will be tailored to help you achieve your goals.

Photography is based on an intrinsic observation of the world. To produce an expressive photo, a photographer must feel a connection to his or her surroundings. Taking the time to step back and observe the subject matter is the first step toward achieving a good composition. Various views of the same subject will produce varied images with varied results. Once a composition is determined, several other factors come into play – lighting, length of exposure, aperture setting, stabilization of the camera, etc. How you manage these variables will determine the success of your photograph. I can guide you through this process. My goal is to expand your visual creativity.

Adobe Photoshop is an extremely powerful tool for controlling all aspects of your photo. From basic tonal control, to complex manipulation of an image, anything is possible once you understand the tools and know how to use them. Beginners will be taught the basic adjustments that are required to produce an acceptable photo. Advanced users will want to dig into the hard core features offered in Photoshop. At this level, a basic photo can render extreme detail. Or that same photo can be manipulated to produce something far removed from the original. Private instruction is scheduled in two hour time blocks. Prior to the session, the participant will be required to submit a brief summary of what they would like to learn from the training. It will be reviewed and discussed with the participant prior to the session.

My style of training respects all levels of skill. It is my personal goal to pass along my excitement and love of photography – and especially Photoshop. Feel free to send an email asking any questions that you may have.

                $75/hour – Photoshop instruction
                $225/half day or $350/full day – Photoshop instruction and/or shooting on location

                2 OR MORE PEOPLE:
                $50/hour, each person – Photoshop instruction
                $125/half day or $200/full day, each person – Photoshop instruction and/or shooting on location